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The Benefits

Thinking of automating? Here’s why it’s a good decision…

Improve Customer Service.

Automating helps to take some of the workload off from your librarians, especially in the areas of acquisitions, cataloging, notices and circulation, giving them more time to serve their patrons and invest in developing the library.


Faster Cataloging.

Take advantage of the automated cataloging standards such as MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) and copy cataloging modules in Koha. Librarians will be able to import ready made bibliographic data from numerous high quality sources like the Library of Congress or the British Public Library. We’ve shown that you can catalog book in less than 2 minutes.

Easier Access.

Patrons will find it easy to find library books, e-resources and other materials using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), even when the library is closed. And because we host Koha on our servers, you can access your library from anywhere in the world.

It Saves You Money.

You will save money as it reduces the need to hire more library personnel. Both big and small libraries will benefit from this since an automated library system like Koha will perform many of the functions that were normally done manually and required several people to perform.

Koha – The Ideal Solution For Your Library.


It's free.

With Koha, you don’t pay any licensing or upgrading fees.


It's Web-based.

You can access Koha via any web-browser capable device because it is platform-independent software.


It's Mobile Friendly.

Koha has a mobile-ready, responsive layout which makes it ideal for viewing on phones and tablets.


It Can Copy Catalog.

In addition to standard cataloging, you can also copy catalog with Koha.


It's Compatible.

Koha is compatible with other systems, having been built using common library standards.


It's Unlimited.

There is no limit to the number of administrators, patrons, items or records that you can add to Koha.


It Manages Budgets.

Koha has an acquisition module which helps librarians to better manage their budgets.



It's Customizable.

Koha interfaces can be customized to suit individual libraries.


It Creates And Sends Notices Automatically.

Koha can automatically generate and send various notices such as fines, overdue books etc.


It Generates Reports.

Koha can automatically generate and send various notices such as fines, overdue books etc.


It's Developed by Librarians.

Many of Koha’s developers are actual librarians, making it a customer-centric system.


It's Enterprise Class.

Koha is a well-developed, high quality software with over 1.6 million hours of development  and 10 million lines of code invested to date.


It Enable Easy Management.

Librarians can easily keep an electronic eye on their patrons, staff and resources.


It Allows Self Registration.

Patrons can register their own accounts, saving librarians precious time.

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