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Test Drive Koha.

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You don’t have to take a blind leap into the dark. We have set up a free demo site where you can take Koha for a test drive.

Username: demo

Password: demo


Use the cataloging module to see how Koha adds records and items to your library collection. Try out the copy cataloging tool using z3950 search targets and be amazed as you catalog books in two minutes or less.

Check Books In & Out

Simulate circulation processes by checking books in and out, and viewing their history, among other things.

Create Patrons

Add patrons, view their accounts, add profile pictures and edit their details and permissions. Koha gives you full control.

Run Reports

Create and test SQL or guided reports. You can run reports for anything – from inactive borrowers to the list of items added within a defined time frame.

Get Koha Today.

Join thousands of libraries advancing with Koha world wide.