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Regular backups of Koha are a must, in case your installation fails or your hardware crashes. It will save you a lot of headaches in the future! So here’s how to backup your Koha database.

  • Open a terminal on your Linux server
  • Enter the following command

mysqldump -u root -p koha_database > koha_database_backup.sql


  • root is the username for your mysql or koha database administrator
  • koha_database is the name of your koha database (you can find this by logging into your mysql database – use the command mysql -u root -p – and type show databases; to list all your databases.)
  • koha_database_backup.sql can be whatever you want to name your database. It’s helpful to include the name of the database and the date on which you ran the dump for future reference

When you are done, type ls in the terminal. You should see a file called koha_database_backup.sql. This contains all your records and items etc. You can then use this to restore your Koha database or import it into a new installation.