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We’ve shown you how to backup your koha database via the Linux terminal but did you know that your Koha superlibrarians can also download the database and configuration dumps within Koha? First, we are going to show you how to enable the function in your Koha instance’s config file and then how to download the dumps via Koha tools.

Enable database and configuration dump via Koha Tools

1. Open your Linux terminal and edit your Koha instance’s config file using the command

sudo nano /etc/koha/sites/koha-instance/koha-conf.xml

where “koha-instance” is the name of the Koha instance for which you want to enable backups via tools.

2. Scroll down to around line 291 where it says

“<!– Enable the two following to allow superlibrarians to download database and configuration dumps (respectively) from the Export tool –>”

3. Enable database backups via tools by changing the line

<backup_db_via_tools>0</backup_db_via_tools> to


Note that you are simply changing “0” to “1” (from “off” to “on”)

4. Enable database backups via tools by changing the line

<backup_conf_via_tools>0</backup_conf_via_tools> to


Note that you are simply changing “0” to “1” (from “off” to “on”)

5. Save your changes (if you are using Nano as your editor, press ctrl + O) and close the file. Now go on to the next step

Backup your Koha database and configuration file via Koha Tools

  1. Log in to your Koha administration interface on your web browser
  2. Go to Home > Tools
  3. Click on Export Data
  4. To export your database, click on Export Database > Select the Database > Download Database
  5. To export your configuration file, click on Export Configuration > Select the Configuration File > Download Configuration File

There you have it! Now you can backup your database anytime you want.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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