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Koha comes installed with some pre-existing shelving locations, but more often than not, you’ll find that these are inadequate. You will probably want to edit some of them or add new ones. In this simple tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a new shelving location in Koha.

How to add new shelving locations in Koha

  • Log in to your Koha staff interface
  • Go to Home > Administration
  • Click on Authorized Values
  • In the drop down list next to “Show Category”, click on “LOC” which is short for Location
  • If you have pre-existing Authorized values they should show up here. You can either edit them, or add new ones. We are going to show you how to add a new shelving location.

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  • To add a new location, click on  “+New authorized value for LOC”. In our case, we are going to add a new shelving location for Science Fiction materials.
  • Under “Authorized Value”, enter a short abbreviation for the new location. In this case, we put “SCI-FI”
  • Under “Description”, enter whatever description you like. In our case, we put “Science Fiction”.
  • Do the same for “Description (OPAC)”. This will be publicly visible to your patrons or anyone using the OPAC.
  • If you have several branches but just want to associate this new location with some but not all of them, select the desired branches. To select multiple branches, hold ctrl while selection. Otherwise, just choose “All libraries”
  • If you want, you can choose an image for your new location. Otherwise you can skip this.

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  • Click Save
  • And there you have it. Your new shelving location! Easy, isn’t it?

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