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My Even Day by Doris Fisher

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Our editor’s choice for the Featured Book of the Week is not only fun to read, but a very clever way of teaching your kids a bit of math on the side as well.  In “My Even Day”  a boy wakes up to find that everything he sees represents an even number. His room suddenly has eight beds, and his mother has two heads. The child’s “even” day gets odder on a class trip to the zoo. Alligators have antlers and lions have wings, all in multiples of two. At the end of the story, things return to normal, although there is a hint of more craziness to come. The back matter includes some interesting math activities. Lee’s brightly colored illustrations are fantastical and contain strange elements not related to the concepts of even and odd. For example, the bouquet on the kitchen table is made up of fried eggs on stems, and the school bus seems to ride through the ocean on the way back from the field trip.

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