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Automate with Koha.


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120 Seconds.

The time it takes to catalog a book.

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Because it’s developed by their peers.


Circulate Books Easily.

For efficient libraries.

For Libraries Big and Small.


A hundred books? A hundred thousand? Koha can handle it.


It's not sunset. It's sunrise.

Give your library a new lease of life with Koha.

Our Services

Koha Installation

We have over 7 years of experience installing Koha systems.

Koha Training

Qualified librarians and tech experts will help you learn the ropes.

Koha Support

You can count on our support for you and your library 24/7 all year round.

Koha Customization

We can customize the OPAC and Staff interfaces to suit your needs. Your library, done your way.

Data Migration

We help you to migrate your existing data into Koha, ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new.

Koha Maintenance

Like any other software, Koha needs regular maintenance. We do it for you quietly. You won’t even notice.

Automate Your Library With Koha Integrated Library System.

A World of Benefit.

Koha will improve every aspect of your library functions, for the benefit of both the library staff and patrons.

Save Money.

Save thousands of dollars with Koha. It’s free and open source, so that means there are no budget breaking licensing or upgrading costs to pay every year.

Work Faster.

With Koha, you can catalog a book every two minutes or less. Circulation is quick and easy. Reports, notices and fines are generated and sent automatically. In short, you will become more efficient.

Serve Better.

Your patrons will love you for choosing Koha. They can search for resources easily via any web-capable device, and track their reading history via their accounts. And less time spent asking for help, is more time spent building great minds.

Core Features

Copy Cataloging.

Cataloging has never been this fast. With Koha’s z3950 search module, you can import ready made MARC records from sources such as the Library of Congress, British Public Library and many more. In fact, you can also add your own z3950 targets.

Label Printing.

Design and print your own bar-code and spine labels, as well as patron cards for your library. Its a simple process and can be done using your everyday or specialized printers.


Create and run guided and SQL reports using Koha’s report module. It’s a versatile tool with which you can generate patron, cataloging, circulation, holds, reserves, accounting,statistical and numerous other kinds of reports. These then give you valuable information as to the state and use of your library.

Automatic Notices.

With Koha, you can send automatic notices such as overdue books, outstanding fines, available holds and account expiry notifications via email and SMS.

Inventory & StockTaking.

Inventory and stock-taking are quick and easy when using Koha. Simply scan the bar-codes of your items and Koha will compare them with the records in your system.

Search Tool.

Search for patrons and items using keywords, item type, location and availability.

You Can Count On Us

We promise service that is:

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction.




We will respond to your queries and complaints in the shortest time possible


We will conduct our business according to standards above industry expectation


We have many clients. But we will make you feel like the only one. 
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